Thursday, 13 February 2014

Doodles and Dragons

Here is a bad photo of my Manchester Museum doodles from last weekend:

And here is an even worse photo of my latest tattoo. It's still a WIP but will hopefully be finished by the end of this week :) I'll be adding some darker blues, purple and orange/yellow into the mix

The tattoo was done by a chap called Matthew at Death Star Tattoo Studios in Droylsden, the town one over from my own. He's a little unreliable when it comes to keeping appointments but he is a damn good artist, so I still go back. He did the fantastical book owl tattoo on my leg:

And finally, here is another design I'm thinking of maybe getting done on my foot?

It's a small momento to my dog, Lucky, who died in December 2012. Plus, a lucky four-leaf clover seems pretty fitting for someone who has the online nickname 'Lucky'.

I still have at least another two tattoos planned as well. I'm going to end up overdoing it, I think!

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