Thursday, 27 February 2014


There has been a bit of a bake-off going on at my work recently. Nothing official, but I recently took some homemade chocolate-coated chocolate-chip cookie dough balls to work. I don't mind saying, they were pretty darn tasty. But then one of the girls brought in M&M blondies, then Cadbury Fudge muffins and /then/ Oreo cookie cheesecake. Dear me, that last one was to die for. She made a pretty mean Crunchie one late last year too. I felt I had to up my game a little bit so I tried my own hand at making a cheesecake. I took the day off work and spent the afternoon baking with my cousin. It was lovely and nice and relaxing because cheesecake is surprisingly very simple to make! I chose to make a Malteser cheesecake because everyone loves Maltesers, right? Right. They're small round pieces of delicious malt chocolatey goodness.

It was very good. Not as good as the Oreo, but certainly not bad for a first attempt! My manager is going to be making a Creme Egg cheesecake over the weekend and she'll be bringing it in work on Monday to share with us all. I am far too eager to try it! Of course, all of this is not very good for my fitness and kind-of-dieting routine. Due to various reasons I haven't been able to do much exercise so far this week. Drama and a poorly pooch has meant trips to the vets instead of the gym, and I've been feeling a little off recently which isn't helping. I've had nausea for a fair few days now, but it's passing and my appetite is returning. I've eaten quite a lot today, in fact, and I have been doing little bits of the 'fast abs' regime in my bedroom. I'm sure it will be fine and hopefully everything will be back to normal as of next week! Maybe.

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