Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sherlock and Tattoos

Have some Sherlock doodles drawn in anticipation of the latest series. I've watched all three episodes at least twice over now x_x DVD is on my pre-order list... Yup. I could talk for hours about it but I don't want to bore anyone or give anything away to those of you who may not have seen it (who are you, crazy people?!) but please give me shout if you want to chat about it!

This next one is an older drawing that followed series 2 (so it's at least a year old). It's not as good as I remember it being, but it's still Sherlock. I can definitely see some improvement in my attempts at people-drawing, which is good :) The chin and hair are all wrong in this drawing, blech.

On a non-Sherlock related note, I'm hopefully getting a new tattoo in the next couple of weeks! I already have my design sorted and I will be visiting the tattoo studio on Saturday for a price and to book the first session. Yes, I reckon it will take a good few hours to do. So excited! I'll post the design up when I'm certain it's going to happen!

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